Intentional Sales Progression

Stephen Zarick, President, VO Sales Group

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Intentional Progression refers to a style of moving sales through your sales cycle.  In other words, this is as opposed to those that do not have any idea what their sales progression looks like. There is a phrase as well as a sales book by the same title “Hope is not a (sales) Strategy.”

Let me repeat this:  HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY.

Intentional Progression refers to moving your prospects through your sales steps intentionally.

Stop Lying to Yourself

I think one of the first steps in sales is … stop lying to yourself. Some prospects will never or should never move through your sales cycles because only you think they are qualified. Some just are not interested, the timing is wrong, they do not qualify, they should not be in your forecast, and they even told you this … yet you are still delusional about forecasting the opportunity or even making a sale.  These are actually what we call an opportunity cost.

“Stop Lying to Yourself”  -Stephen Zarick

Intentional Progression – Acknowledgment (more…)

Sales Prospecting into the Enterprise

Stephen Zarick, President, VO Sales Group

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Who said cold calling is dead? Those that do not like cold calling … of course.

Who said SEO and Search, eMailing, Social Media, Trade Shows, and White Paper downloads are the new sales approach? Those that sell those services … of course.

Sales Prospecting is alive and well. Intentional Focused Outbound Sales Prospecting does work if it is done effectively with people that understand the task at hand.

Too many companies have an outbound enterprise effort run by a marketing team that has never picked up the phone and called on behalf of their own company or their company’s solution. They treat sales prospecting like a scripted, canned, questioning call. Too many companies treat outsourced prospecting as a Marketing activity. And then they pick the wrong partner to carry out the duties. The result: Failure and an expensive experiment.


VO Group, A Virtual Sales Organization

Stephen Zarick, President, VO Group, LLC

VO Group embraces Cloud based Collaborative tools and resources to operate as a Virtual Organization.

VO Group is a Sales Development company started by Stephen Zarick. The original intent of VO Group was to create an environment for self-employed sales professionals to work and to find work in a virtual atmosphere with a virtual team. Stephen Zarick started VO Group as a single father and wanted to have a work at home model so he could embrace a family-first lifestyle.

VO Group allows for self-employed sales professionals to work at home. Many of VO Group’s contractors are women who have chosen a work at home lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Some have children, some have elderly parents, some used to be road warriors, some just have situations at home that do not allow for working outside of the home. VO Group creates a collaborative virtual environment using readily available cloud and collaboration tools.