TRENDING: The Connected YOU!

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Author: Stephen Zarick, CEO
VO Group, LLC

Just when you thought things were going to get simpler with technology.

Just when you thought your life was going to get easier, less stressful.
In the old days, they had to hunt for food, make their own clothes, wash the dishes, grow and can food and more, just to make it through the day, let alone through the winter.

I have all these gadgets now:
– My watch telling me when to stand.
– My iPhone telling me that my flight is delayed, and then that the gate changes.
– My ESPN app telling me that my favorite team(s) are up are down are starting and finishing.
– I am getting texts in one place, emails in 3 places, IMs from Facebook.
– On my MAC, when the iphone rings the friggin MAC rings too, and then there’s a pop-up from iMessenger that also is popping up on my iPhone and on my iWatch, all the while I am talking to my mother on the phone.
– Then I am holding my phone in my left hand, my iWatch on my right wrist, and a beer in my right hand….and crap if the iWatch doesn’t pop up with a CHAT message from a buddy, so I turn my wrist by habit (which is stupid that you have to do that) and I almost spill my beer trying to respond (I don’t want them to think that I don’t care…you know).
– And then there’s my desktop computer, my house phone, my TV, my bluetooth speakers that all all beeping at me.

Will it get better?

In my world dealing with lots of companies we are seeing trending in wearables and M2M solutions for both retailers, the wearables and everything else that can be connected.

Pretty soon your shoes will tell you to take a walk.
Your refrigerator will be yelling at you that you have too much protein on it’s shelves.
The self-checkout at the grocery already yells at me….in a woman’s voice none the less.
Your glasses, your belt, your shirts, your car, your TV, your fitbit will all be yelling at you during your day…and you thought marriage was a pain in the a$$.

And your fitness app will tell you when to walk, stand, run, eat, what to eat, what not to eat, to check your blood pressure, to weigh yourself… Will it ever stop?

The Connected YOU.
Must of this just uses the wi-fi signals around you, or the simple 2G packet via cellular using M2M technology.
As the market calls this …the Internet of Things (IOT).

My customers are writing applications today, getting ready to launch applications and devices that will change your life….your connected life.

Here you thought the government was going to know all about you. It’s my opinion that the retailers will know just as much about you, because ALL of this data and patterns are being stored in the cloud only to be used as marketing data analytics, profiling to serve a bigger purpose of BIG DATA, Mobile, Wearables, IOT, Marketing….of YOU…the Connected YOU.