VO Sales Group is a Professional Sales Prospecting – Sales Development company. Outsourcing your Sales Prospecting & Sales Development effort to VO Sales Group allows you to separate Prospecting from Selling. Your prospecting, lead generation, and demand generation effort will be performed more professionally. We offer Quality vs. Quantity.

“VO Sales Group recognizes that Sales Prospecting requires a different and separate skill set than Selling … yet Prospecting is and should be a Sales Process”  – Stephen Zarick

Outsourcing with VO Sales Group is a method of having a Virtual Sales Team by creating a Virtual Organization (VO). VO Group is a virtual team of independent professionals that have senior-level, field sales experience. We, as a team, work for you on an as-needed basis, with a specific focus and mission to identify near-term revenue opportunities.

For companies large and small, US or International, this is an attractive way to go to market, to contract professionals, to save money, to penetrate new markets, to secure new partnerships, and to cross international borders.

  • Our program is called Fractional Ownership of a Prospecting Team.
  • We are effective at what we do – we make sales calls; we generate sales leads.
  • We design a campaign that works for you.
  • We turn in only qualified leads.
  • We know your industry and space.
  • We can reduce your cost per sales call.
  • We can increase your near-term business.
  • We are more effective than your internal or external sales teams. We Prospect. You Sell.
  • We prospect for actionable revenue.
  • Outsourcing of the sales desk is measurable.
  • Outsourcing of the prospecting effort with senior-level people is efficient, offers better results, and there are no distractions that come with internal sales desks or with your internal field sales
  • Then we can work for Exit Strategies if appropriate.