Stephen Zarick, President, VO Group, LLC

VO Group embraces Cloud based Collaborative tools and resources to operate as a Virtual Organization.

VO Group is a Sales Development company started by Stephen Zarick. The original intent of VO Group was to create an environment for self-employed sales professionals to work and to find work in a virtual atmosphere with a virtual team. Stephen Zarick started VO Group as a single father and wanted to have a work at home model so he could embrace a family-first lifestyle.

VO Group allows for self-employed sales professionals to work at home. Many of VO Group’s contractors are women who have chosen a work at home lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Some have children, some have elderly parents, some used to be road warriors, some just have situations at home that do not allow for working outside of the home. VO Group creates a collaborative virtual environment using readily available cloud and collaboration tools.

VO Group embraces cloud and collaboration tools such as Google DOCs, Zoho Collaboration Suite,, GoToMeeting, 8×8 Virtual PBX, Adobe Cloud, along with other cloud solutions such as Adobe EchoSign for digital signature. Contractors are paid via online ACH using their bank’s direct deposit which has all but eliminated a paper environment for those associated with this virtual organization called VO Group.

VO Group and Stephen Zarick have 100% embraced the Cloud and Collaboration tools to operate.

VO Group also represents a Virtual Sales Team for its customers. VO Group’s customers do not have to hire a Full Time Employee (FTE) to do Sales Development. Many organizations have tried email tools, SEO resources, telemarketing companies and then move to hire a full time sales person. VO Group is a great alternative to hiring a full time sales person when a company has high value solutions and long sales cycles. Hiring sales people for a solution that might not pay a commission for 18 months is expensive.

VO Group allows a work-life balance that creates a nice atmosphere for both customer and contractor. VO Group offers a work at home sales environment that is completely cloud based, protects customers’ data, allows for collaboration, and gives the customers a virtual team to call on as needed and on demand.

VO Group actively seeks out new customers so that the contractors have a steady flow of new business of which they can vie for work hours.

VO Group eliminates the roller coaster ride that often comes with being self-employed.

VO Group offers highly structured processes for the best chance of success working with an account to maintain high customer retention rates. The atmosphere at VO Group is a team based atmosphere and a collaborative environment. VO Group takes care of all the administrative tasks that most self-employed contractors do not want to deal with such as invoicing, collections, time sheets, reports, recruiting, customer interfacing, and mostly, finding the next contract when the current contract runs out.

VO Group takes care of the back-office processes that most self-employed care not to deal with.

VO Group has created a virtual, capitalistic environment for the self-employed.

VO Group is always looking for great people that know sales.

To hear a few testimonials from VO Group contractors there is a link on the web page

-Stephen Zarick, President, VO Group, LLC